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Do not call us wedding planners.

COMITATO FESTEis a small network of skilled local practitioners who have joined together to oversee all aspects of a dream wedding in Italy. Our idea is to enhance the Italian style of your celebration and to take advantage of all the flourishes that Italy offers.

We take pride in sourcing our creative skills from our treasured Abruzzese traditions.

Back in the 1950s, our grandmothers prepared wedding banquets in our rural villages according to traditions that were handed down from previous generations.

We live in Abruzzo, one of the less well-known regions of Italy, and at the same time one of the most pristine. Our area offers many resources: from the crystal-clear sea, through the green hills full of olive trees and vineyards, into well preserved ancient villages, and up to the highest peaks of the Apennines mountains.

We share a passion for our area with friends and family, each of whom is an enthusiastic specialist working in professions such as tourism, design, and fashion.

We wanted to merge our skills and give newlyweds an unforgettable experience that combines inspirations we have found abroad with the traditions of our region.
This idea has excited us so much that we decided to give our network the name Comitato Feste. In Italy, the Comitato Feste is the group of people who are responsible for organising festivals in each village and community.

London → Pescara
Everyday flights

Getting to Abruzzo is easy and cheap. With daily low cost flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt and Brussels and numerous buses and trains from Rome and from major Italian cities.

We look forward to picking you up on your arrival!

Atelier Priori Rosanna
Bridal Couture

My name is Rosanna, and I'm passionate about fashion. When I was a girl, I dreamed of becoming a tailor.

I founded Atelier Priori in 1985 and can say without hesitation that every bride I have met has been a different and precious experience. Often a bride has been imagining her gown since she was young. It my privilege to listen to her dreams and translate her vision into a real and unique dress, handmade only for her.


Bagni Vittoria
Venue + Accomodation

We're Luigi, Betta and, our special family member, Jack. We live at Bagni Vittoria, our unique bed and breakfast, perched on the top of a rocky reef in Vasto.

Our commitment to make Bagni Vittoria a place where every visitor finds true contentment made joining our friends, Comitato Feste, a natural collaboration. We are happy to provide the venue, accommodation and a guaranteed magical setting for your special days here in Abruzzo.


Blush and Code
Make up + Hairstyle

I'm Lina, a make-up artist and hairstylist, based in Rome and Abruzzo. I work primarily with brides- Italian and foreign.

The most gratifying thing about my job is the trust women place in me to work with them at this intimate, life changing time. My commitment is to help them to feel both beautiful and at ease.

Preparations for a wedding can be stressful. But a bride's make- up and hair should never be a cause for worry. From experience, I understand last minute changes and second thoughts. My philosophy is to create an open working relationship and a happy, lovely bride.


Traditional Bakery

Hello I'm Gabriella and I love making desserts! It's a passion I inherited from my mother and that's why I bake mainly old-school, genuine pastries like tarallucci, sfogliatelle, bocconotti and mostaccioli.

Recently, I have been passionate about sweets like macaroons and cupcakes. I enjoy experimenting as well as perfecting the traditional - either way I use the finest ingredients and utmost care in all of my recipes.


Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino
Venue + Forniture Rental

I'm Roberto from Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino. PCG is a B&B and something more.

We love antique and vintage furniture, as well as objet d'art, because they magically transport us from the present to a remote or recent past. You can choose to set your wedding in the classic and sensual atmosphere of PCG and we will provide you with everything you need, taking care to decorate the interior or exterior with taste and professionalism.

If you choose a different location, we will transform that environment to your liking using our collection of unique items which will absolutely add charm to your memorable day.


Zonzo Web
Photography + Paper Goods

We are Simona and Angelo. We are a couple and we work together. Zonzo Web is our creation, our home for exploring and sharing and collecting all that we love to do. Our goal is to make beautiful things and that's why we are committed to providing only works of which we are proud.

We are artisans. We approach our work like all craftsmen - with enthusiasm at the challenges in front of us. Our work is done when the tone and setting and purpose of the occasion have been fully captured.

Our camera lens can travel the world. Invite us to document your event anywhere, anytime.


If you'd like to know more about how Comitato Feste can help with your wedding or event in Italy, or if you have any other question, please fill the form below and we'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.